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Depot - Art and Discussion was founded in 1994 by artists, critics and curators and is an internationally recognised institution and platform where science and art enter into an exchange.

The platform reflects the constantly changing concept of art and questions the social framework conditions of art. In line with its interdisciplinary approach, Depot is particularly dedicated to socially relevant fields such as migration, postcolonialism, anti-racism, feminism, human/technology and media.

Lectures and discussions on art theory and art criticism, cultural and gender studies, film studies, philosophy, political science and sociology take place.

The events include talks, lecture series and panel discussions, as well as symposia, workshops, seminars and constantly newly developed event formats. Participation is the central moment of Depot's concept, which is realised in various ways.

Depot - Art and Discussion 
Breite Gasse 3
1070 Vienna

+43 699 13537710
Instagram/FB: @depotwien