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The Depot proved to be an internationally recognized institution and platform where arts and sciences are approaching each other. This platform is participating in an ever changing definition of art and gives special attention to forms of art which have abandoned its traditional places and spaces. Regarding its interdisciplinary approach the Depot engages in questions that have special relevance to the contemporary social sphere such as globalisation, migration, postcolonialism, rassism, sexism, bioethis and new forms of communication technologies.

The events focus on certain themes reflecting the current discussion in fields like art theory, cultural and gender studies, philosophy, politology, film studies and sociology. The form of these events range from talks, lectures and panel discussions to symposia, workshops and seminars but we constantly try to develop new forms of presentation and discussion. Participation is the central moment of the Depot which is aimed for in different ways. 
The Depot-Library contains books and journals on art, art theory, gender studies, cultural studies, media theory.

Breite Gasse 3
A - 1070 Wien/Vienna
Tel: +43 699 13 53 77 10