Kunst und Diskussion


The Depot runs an open-access library focussing on art theory, cultural and gender studies, film theory and feminism. It also houses a comprehensive collection of catalogues about international artists and exhibitions as well as recent documentation on art and cultural events, general information and empiric studies on Austrian cultural policy.

The library stock is completed by a collection of more than 50 international contemporary art magazines. Apart from the established art journals, the scope of periodicals, which broadens continuously, also contains underground magazines.

About 3.500 titles can be accessed from Monday through Friday between 12 a.m. and 7 p.m. To complement its library, the Depot publishes the newsletter "neu im depot", in which critics, theorists and artists review publications on art and culture newly acquired by the library.

The videotheque

The videotheque comprises about 500 titles containing documentations of the Depot's events as well as artists' video works and artists' interviews.